Funeral Costs

We understand that the cost of a funeral can be a great worry to our families. Although prepaid funeral plans are available, many people do not have this provision in place when someone passes away. We have always offered a high quality service and have kept our pricing to a minimum to help our families during this difficult time.

Our low price will never compromise our service

  • Family Owned and Independent since 1923
  • 24 Hour Service, 365 Days a Year
  • Chapel of Rest – 5 Private Rooms at The Broadway and 2 Private Rooms at Highworth all with air conditioning
  • Resident caretakers at The Broadway and Highworth for visits at evenings and weekends
  • Own pristine fleet of Volvo Cars
  • Compassionate, Professional Staff
  • Unique Bereavement Care Service
  • Evening and Weekend Chapel Visits
Cremation Costs
Complete Direct Funeral Hillier Direct FuneralSimple Funeral PackageThe Traditional Funeral
Professional Fees
Provision of a suitable vehicle---
Provision of Hearse-
CoffinBasicHillier BasicWhitworthWhitworth
Doctor’s Certificate for Cremation
Cremation Fee

(North Wiltshire Crematorium)

(North Wiltshire Crematorium)

(Kingsdown Crematorium - 20min Service)

(Kingsdown Crematorium - 20min Service)

Totals from£1,300.00£1,580.00£3272.00£3,902.00
* Removals out of normal working hours (8am – 5pm) and weekend collection of the deceased, will be charged at £220.
All the options above can be customised apart from the Complete direct Cremation package.
Burial Costs
Kingsdown CemeteryWestmill Natural Burial GroundDirect Unattended Burial - Kingsdown Cemetery
LawnTraditional GraveNew GraveExisting Grave
Our Professional Services*£2150£1210.00£1210.00
Cortege from a Private Address-
Chapel visits-
Somerset Willow
Officiant (from) £190-
Grave Purchase Fee (from) (If Required)£875£1270£400-
Grave Interment Fee£714£400

*Including arranging and conducting, local removal during working hours, documentation, preparation, hearse and bearers to meet at local crematorium.

The Direct Unattended packages do not allow for chapel visits, if you would like visits there will be an extra charge of £50.00

Removals out of normal working hours (8am – 5pm) and weekend collection of the deceased, will be charged at £220.

As a Direct Unattended Burial does not involve an associated service you may wish to plan an alternative ceremony: we can help with options for organising a service to meet your needs.

Additional Items (if required)
Limousine (7 seats)£230
Oak Casket for Ashes£100
Scatter Pod for Ashes£FOC
Coffin Reception£200
Service Sheets (x50-4 Page)£86
Floral Tributes£45+
Press Notice (Swindon Advertiser)£300+
Double Location Funeral£180

There are some occasions where a 'prolonged care of the deceased' charge may apply. This may be charged after 4 weeks, however this on an individual bases and will be discussed with you. We also strongly advise that after three weeks from the date of passing your loved one is embalmed.

Payment Terms

We will give you a full itemised estimate during the arrangements meeting. We require third party fees to be paid before the funeral takes place.  Our standard payment terms require that the balance is then paid within 30 days from the date of the funeral.

Please contact us for help if you are struggling with funeral costs and would like to discuss alternative payment options.

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If a burial is required please contact us below as the cemetery and church fees will differ depending on location.

Please enquire either using our Funeral Estimate service or call us on 01793 522797 for a quotation.

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