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A Funeral Director’s Day

Ever wondered what a funeral director does on a daily basis.

My typical day consists of the following:-

Firstly the logistics of the day’s funerals are carefully checked, ensuring that cortege routes, flower orders, donation boxes, service sheets and grave markers are all present and correct. We then set about our different duties including dressing & preparing deceased in the mortuary, hand finishing the coffins and valeting the cars.

Before funerals commence, I along with the other Funeral Directors conducting that day, call our respective families to answer any questions or concerns they may have. After a quick change into our funeral attire, we are ready to leave for our first funeral.

We generally leave from the family home or meet at the crematorium. I believe in providing the utmost respect to the deceased so I abide by the age old traditions of walking the hearse away from the house and approaching the church or crematorium on foot.

After seeing the family and coffin into the crematorium or church I wait while the service takes place. On their exit I show the family to the flower area where they can greet the other mourners or take the family to the burial ground.

After lunch, I normally have a home visit to make funeral arrangements and then it’s back to our chapel of rest to finish the paperwork.

We are a 24hr 365 day operation so once a week and every fourth weekend the phones will get transferred to me and I will attend any late night call outs to take someone who has just died into our care.

In all honesty it is impossible to plan a day as a funeral director even though the funerals are at set times everything outside of that is movable and will change. Being a funeral director is a very rewarding career and I am passionate about offering a professional and compassionate service to lessen the distress bereavement causes our families.

Rebecca Hillier
Rebecca Hillier
Becky Hillier is a Funeral Planner at Hillier Funeral Service in Swindon. She is the fourth generation in her family to work at the business and the great granddaughter of founder Harold. She is of course local to the town, has a degree in law and history and has been married for 1 year. She... [read more]

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