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Why Become A Funeral Director? Becky Hillier of Hillier Funeral Service, Explains Her Reasons For Joining The Family Business

Having recently joined the family business at the age of 26 I get asked the same question quite a lot. Why join the funeral profession and become a funeral director?

Although my family have been in the funeral business for over 90 years, many people saw my joining the firm as quite bizarre.

The Swindon Advertiser clearly agreed with this point of view and ran 2 articles recently about me taking on this role and being the fourth generation in the family to do this.

Four things helped me make my decision:

  1. Family – The business was originally set up by great grandfather Harold Hillier in 1923.  I take great pride in the fact that I will be carrying on what he started. Being a funeral director is not a job for everyone and as my grandmother once said to Mum when she married my Dad “Being a funeral director is not a job it’s a way of life”. And she was right. It’s 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year. This includes getting up at 3am to take someone into our care.
  2. Caring – I’m a caring person by nature, always getting involved in organising charity events. Whilst studying for my legal degree I made the decision to work part time for the National Centre of Domestic Violence as a McKenzie Friend. My key duty was to take statements from victims of domestic abuse.
  3. Variety – Since I joined Hillier’s in September 2014 I can say with certainty that no day has been the same. Every funeral is different and it’s great to see each family pay tribute to their loved ones in their own individual way.
  4. Rewarding – Although the job can be very sad and there are good and bad days. I find the job extremely rewarding, it is a great honour for families to entrust such an important day to us.  As a funeral director my job is to guide you through the process and take away the stress.

When I hear the words ‘Thank you so much you’ve done such a brilliant job’ I know I made the right decision.

Rebecca Hillier
Rebecca Hillier
Becky Hillier is a Funeral Planner at Hillier Funeral Service in Swindon. She is the fourth generation in her family to work at the business and the great granddaughter of founder Harold. She is of course local to the town, has a degree in law and history and has been married for 1 year. She... [read more]

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