KU 321 Ceramic urn


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Our premium collection of urns from Crafts Urn consists of ceramic handcrafted urns. Each urn is made by hand, ensuring that no two urns are identical. As noted by the supplier, this is a critical principle: after all, no two human beings are the same either. As you can see, the shapes and colours of the urns are classic yet timeless. Sustainability plays a central role at Crafts Urn, from raw material to the packaging in which the urn is sent. All the raw materials used in making the urns are sourced from nature, and the ovens used to bake them at 1,25 degrees are powered by energy generated by solar panels. Cardboard is used in the packaging instead of plastic. This model is a stylish oval urn with a ‘Sandy White’ colour: different shades of beige. The urn is glazed on both the inside and outside, making it extra durable and solid. The urn’s round lid is designed to blend in seamlessly. Through this colour and pattern use, the urn has a very natural look.

Weight2000 kg
Dimensions19.5 × 24 cm



Beige, White




Indoor, Outdoor