First Steps

What to do when someone dies

It can be difficult to ensure everything is covered when dealing with a death. We’ve put together some useful information, to help get you started.

When someone dies, it usually takes place in a hospital, nursing home or at home.

Hospital or Nursing home

The hospital or nursing home staff will make arrangements for the doctor to issue the death certificate and will advise you when it is available. Let the home know which funeral director has been chosen to save any confusion or delay when death occurs. Let the home or hospital know if a cremation has been decided upon, as additional paperwork will need to be prepared by doctors.


The first contact would normally be the family doctor. They would call at the house and if satisfied with the cause of death , will issue a death certificate, either giving this to you, or you may need to call at the surgery to pick this up when completed. After the doctor has attended you should call us on 01793 387155 at any time day or night to take the deceased into our care.


In some cases the death may be reported to the Coroner. This could be because the death was unexpected, a road accident or simply that the deceased has not been seen by a doctor in the preceeding 14 days. This should not unduly delay the funeral. You should still phone us and we will explain the procedures involved.

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