Scattering Ashes

After a cremation, you may decide you want to scatter your loved one’s ashes somewhere sentimental or at a specific burial site. They may have left instructions in their will asking for their ashes to be scattered at a National Park, or even at their favourite sports team’s ground. Whatever their wishes, or the decision you and your family make, here at Hillier Funeral Service we are here to help and support you.

There are various different places ashes can be scattered. You can scatter ashes:

  • In the trees of remembrance at the local crematorium
  • At a memorable place
  • At sea

For an extensive list of where ashes can be scattered please see the Scattering Ashes website which also gives good advice about places, methods and the laws and regulations to be followed.

If you would like to scatter your loved ones ashes, please let us know and we will transfer the ashes into a polytainer or scatter pod if required.